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Not all CBD and botanicals are created equal. Here's how we're charting a better course to maximize the potential of these powerhouse plants.

KAMU Labs - Difference

Powerhouse botanicals & cannabinoids.
Triple Extraction.
Liposomal Technology.
This is the KAMU difference.


We are committed to developing plant-based products that help you feel and be your best. How? By using cutting-edge technologies to amplify the healing properties of our thoughtfully selected, time-tested ingredients. We like to say that it's the perfect blend of ancient wisdom and modern-day science.

We start by carefully curating botanicals specifically selected for their unique synergies. In other words, we choose ingredients that not only work well together, but boost each other's powers for the most effective formulas possible.

We use a proprietary, triple extraction process on many of our botanicals. This slow, meticulous method allows us to extract more naturally occurring compounds from the plants and mushrooms than with a single extraction. It helps make our products ultra effective.

Then, for our CBD products, we add the highest-quality cannabinoids. We partner with small US farms in Oregon and Minnesota rigorously chosen for their sustainable, responsible, pesticide-free practices - all to ensure the CBD in our products is super clean and free of any impurities.

Our full- and broad-spectrum CBD extracts contain oil that's rich in multiple compounds found naturally in the hemp plant - like terpenes, polyphenols, flavonoids and the cannabinoids CBD and CBG. Unlike some products which use a CBD isolate alone, these compounds work together as nature designed to maximize benefits.

But none of this matters if your body can't absorb it. That's why we use sophisticated liposomal technology to make our drops highly bioavailable. That means you body can absorb them quickly and efficiently making our products fast-acting and highly effective.

Learn more about liposomal technology.


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