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Women's Wear Daily - Beauty Inc Awards: Editor's Choice for KAMU Uplift!

WWD Beauty Inc Awards - Editor's Choice: Up-and-Coming Beauty Brands

These brands are the forward-thinking picks of WWD's beauty editors;
KAMU Labs - Uplift Dietary Supplement

When Kamu launched with its debut CBD products earlier this year, the brand didn’t want to bring a mere CBD product to market: instead, it combines cannabidiols with an array of other herbs and naturopathic ingredients aiming to holistically address consumer concerns. Now, Kamu is launching Uplift, a plant-based, mood boosting supplement.


“Anxiety can be caused by inflammation in the brain, and being low in Vitamin B12 or neurotransmitters. We look at all of these,” said Robyn Caywood, cofounder and chief science officer. In addition to the one-to-one ratio of CBD and CBG, saffron from Spain works on serotonin receptors. Lion’s Mane mushroom works as a neuroprotector, addressing inflammation, and L-Theanine, an amino acid from green tea, causes the brain to produce serotonin. “With all our formulas, we want something that’s providing immediate relief while also working long-term. The L-Theanine provides a lift you can feel within an hour of taking it, while saffron and lion’s mane have more cumulative effects,” Caywood said.


To Caywood, timing is imperative, and anxiety and depression have been top-of-mind with her customers and business partners, she said. Industry sources estimate the supplement could reach $1 million in retail sales for its first year.



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