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Why Getting Regular Sleep Is Crucial To Your Health And Well-Being - As Seen in Forbes

You’re not alone if you’re been struggling with getting a good night’s sleep during the pandemic. While not having it from time to time isn’t an issue, too many sleepless nights can create and compound physical and mental health issues.

So, why is it important to sleep soundly, and regularly? “It it is scientifically proven that your ability to perform tasks, stay healthy, and make sound decisions improves exponentially with proper sleep,” explains Robyn Caywood, Co-Founder and Chief Formulator of KAMU, a clean wellness brand devoted to protecting and balancing your body. “While we sleep, we also produce hormones and cytokines (which fight infections and inflammation), metabolize food, and give our hearts a chance to rest.” (Conversely, a lack of sleep has been linked to a host of problems, ranging from brain fog to weight gain.)

And how do you go about getting on track to a better night’s rest? First: you should understand the importance of melatonin, a hormone our brain produces. “During daylight hours, we have very little production of it. Then it increases steadily at night, triggering our body to be tired,” explains Caywood. “Some other factors that signal our brain it’s getting closer to bedtime are low lighting, cooler temperatures, and calming activities.”

And because blue light, which is emitted by flat-screen televisions, computers, and smartphones, can trick our bodies into thinking it’s daytime and reduce melatonin production, minimize use of technology at night. “It’s a really good practice to be disciplined about ending all screen use two hours before bed,” recommends Caywood. "I sleep with my phone in a different room, so I won’t be tempted.”

But if you’re practicing good sleep hygiene, and still struggling getting a good night’s rest, then it’s time to consider a natural supplement. Caywood recommends finding one that’s “non-habit forming, safe, and has a low risk of unwanted side effects.” And if you’re concerned about the safety of melatonin – which found is many natural sleep supplements today – don’t worry. It’s completely safe, and the only thing you should be mindful of is dosage. “We live in a culture where we tend to take a lot of something when we find out it works,” says Caywood. “But with melatonin, oftentimes less is more.”

So ahead, six natural and safe ways to help you get a better night’s sleep.

KAMU Dream

“Our Dream formula combines full spectrum CBD, melatonin, lavandin, reishi mushroom, 5-HTP, and 5 botanicals to support the parasympathetic nervous system and promote rest,” explains Caywood. “We utilize a liposomal proprietary technology, which creates a yummy liquid that’s fast acting and effective. It’s been formulated to give short term benefits as well as cumulative, long term body resets.”

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