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Kamu Dream Featured: What is SLEEP? MOM life real talk!

Getting enough sleep can sometimes seem impossible, especially with the routine of a mother. In her recent article, Amy Rosoff Davis shares her self-care routine, including KAMU Dream before bedtime, that helps her get the best sleep.

Amy Rosoff Davis is celebrity trainer, health and wellness coach dedicated to helping people become their best self.

This is how Amy includes KAMU Dream in her daily self-care and pre-bedtime routine.

KAMU Dream

Talk about drifting off to dreamland. Bless Kamu. It’s so important for me to be as natural as possible. That includes my sleep. Being a mom has upped my anxiety and killed a good nights sleep. This product has CBD, California Poppy (oh, hello Dorothy), Lavadin, Adaptogens and Melatonin to ease sleep without any harsh chemicals or pharmaceutical drugs.

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