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CBD for Dog Epilepsy

CBD for Dog Epilepsy 

As CBD gains well-deserved momentum, questions are arising everywhere about its uses and potential applications. Recently, it has been determined that CBD may be useful in treating the symptoms of epilepsy or seizures in humans, but what about man's best friend? Our pets can suffer from a majority of the same afflictions that we experience, such as arthritis, deficiencies, gastrointestinal issues, and seizures. One might begin to wonder if the differences between pets and humans affect treatment options for either species. If CBD can treat these issues in humans, can it help our pets?


What Causes Dog Seizures?

Extensive research has suggested multiple causes for dog seizures, including injuries, recent exposure to pollutants or toxins, specific triggers, internal metabolism issues, and illnesses. There are three forms of epilepsy in dogs that may point towards a specific cause for your best friend.

The first, idiopathic epilepsy, is very common in canines and can occur anytime between childhood to adulthood. There is often no specific cause for this form of seizures, although studies have suggested that this condition may be inherited in various dog breeds.

The second form, structural epilepsy, is caused by considerable brain damage through chronic illnesses or major injuries. Very young or elderly dogs are more likely to develop this form of epilepsy if they have suffered strokes, inflammatory diseases, or injuries to the head.

The last form, reactive epilepsy, occurs in response to a trigger or stimulus. The severity of such seizures can range, as this form is dependent on underlying medical conditions and your pet's current wellbeing. Typically, reactive seizures can be treated and corrected if the necessary steps are taken. 


CBD and Seizures

Epidiolex, a pharmaceutical drug containing CBD, was first approved for epilepsy treatment in 2018 by the FDA. This medication was one of the earliest forms of medicinal CBD to be approved at the time and was a breakthrough in the CBD industry. Although the anticonvulsant benefits of the substance had been discovered as early as 1973, there was still much to know about safety before approving worldwide usage.

While there are thousands of research studies to provide evidence for CBD applications for human purposes, veterinary studies are seemingly behind. Regardless, the few studies that have been completed show promise for CBD in treating canine epilepsy. While Epidiolex has shown vast effectiveness in treating epilepsy in humans, determining the correct dosage for animals proves to be a difficult task. Fortunately, as more is being learned about CBD for pets, the future looks much brighter. 


How Do I Choose CBD Products for My Dog?

There are plenty of reasons why you might consider giving your pet CBD, even if it does not have a form of epilepsy. In humans, CBD can help with pain relief, inflammation reduction, sleep, anxiety, and more. Pet owners across the world have found that CBD provides similar benefits for dogs, thus being one of the most useful tools in your pet care arsenal.

Before purchasing a CBD product for your pet, it is recommended to consult with your veterinarian and formulate a treatment or wellness plan. Although plenty of similar supplements are popularly sold, you should always ask your vet before use. If your dog suffers from epilepsy, there is a very high chance that your vet will agree to a CBD treatment plan. Of course, this plan revolves around your ability to locate high-quality CBD products for your furry friend.

Veterinarians are often aware of several reputable companies that carry the products that you need, but more information can be discovered with only a bit of research. KAMU Pet is a full-spectrum CBD that is formulated for both cat and dog health and wellbeing. Our furry friends provide much love and comfort in our times of need, and with this product, you can return the favor.

KAMU Pet relieves symptoms of anxiety, boosts your pet's wellbeing, and helps maintain a shiny, healthy coat. One of the worst fears every pet owner has is not knowing what is inside their pet products. Fortunately, our products are created from organic ingredients and have been tested to ensure that they are free of heavy metals or toxins.

Heavy metals and toxins in pet care products are a leading cause of seizures for most dogs. When they are ingested, your pet may experience hyperactivity, seizures, drastic behavior changes, sudden loss of vision, and ataxia. To prevent this from happening to your beloved friend, it is always advised to browse the list of ingredients on a product before administering it to your pet. 



There is still much to know about the applications of CBD to pet wellness; however, it is still being widely used across the globe for various reasons. If conventional medications have not been effective for your pet, CBD may have been the alternative your pet has been waiting for. Whether your pet suffers from appetite loss, frequent anxiety, seizures, or more, high-quality CBD products can not only reduce the severity of symptoms but also boost your pet's overall wellbeing. With more studies underway, it is likely that more information on CBD dosage for pets will be available in the near future.

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