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The Future is Fungi

"Nature alone is antique, and the oldest art a mushroom." - Thomas Carlyle

The Future is Fungi

"Nature alone is antique, and the oldest art a mushroom."
- Thomas Carlyle

KAMU Gummies

Chill and Dream

KAMU means YOU! Reviving the artistry of plant based supplements to put you in charge of your well-being.

KAMU creates plant based wellness products to improve sleep, immunity, mood and overall daily performance. Our products are created using sustainable, organic ingredients and practices to protect your health and the environment.

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KAMU Press - The New York Times Magazine
KAMU Press - The Chriselle Factor
KAMU Press - San Francisco Magazine
KAMU Press - Wake-Up Call with Katie Couric


Find your zen

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Improve your sleep

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Restorative body balm for muscle soreness, tension and discomfort

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After Alcohol Relief

Sold out

After Alcohol Relief

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Improve your sleep

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Plant-Based Mood Support

CBD Botanical Capsules

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Calming Sleep Aid

CBD Botanical Drops

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Muscle & Tension Relief

CBD Botanical Balm

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Hangxiety Helper

Botanical Drops

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KAMU is a luxury wellness brand for environmentally conscious people.


Using advanced technology and real science, KAMU unlocks the full potential of super-power plants to amplify nature’s ability to care for the body.


This is where nature, science and artistry unite to deliver a potent supplement capable of maximum absorption and superior efficacy.


.“The path of the herbalist is to open ourselves to nature in an innocent and pure way. She in turn will open her bounty and reward us with many valuable secrets. May the Earth bless you. “

-Michael Tierra, master herbalist


"This stuff is magic sauce. I had a sore back and this was the only way I was able to sleep soundly in quarantine."


Truckee, CA

"I had a back injury and have suffered neck pain for years. This balm is the ONLY balm that has provided meaningful, consistent relief. It is magic!"



"I have been using the Vitality for over a week and it is wonderful. The Recover has been super soothing after our hikes and runs up the hills. And my husband has bogarted the Dream for over a week and he has slept better recently than he has in months."


Joshua Tree, CA

"KAMU Vitality has been life changing for me. I have tried other CBD products and nothing can compare to the formulation KAMU has developed. I take two pumps every morning and find myself calm and focused and ready to start my day."


Denver, CO

"I have finally found relief with the KAMU Recover and I have been able to resume my active lifestyle."


New Orleans, LA

"KAMU Dream is amazing to help fall asleep. And it even helps me stay asleep through most of the night."


Nevada City, CA


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